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The wide range of Pest Control Services that are mentioned below can be executed either individually or in various combinations to cater your need effectively.
Rodent Control
Herbal Control
Bedbugs control
Wood Borner Control
Ants Control
Silverfish Control
Mosquitoes Control
Honey Comb Removal
Termite Treatment
Fogging and Misting
Rat/Rodent Control

Rats breed mainly in drainage lines and sewages. They breed rapidly, damage paper, electric wires, food, and clothes and also spread diseases like plague, leptospirosis, etc. They are able to squeeze through very small openings 1/4 inch for mice and 1/2 inch for rats. They also cause damage to our buildings by their burrowing and gnawing activity.

Some Useful measures to prevent rat breeding
• Keep all drains covered and secure.
• Get rid of old boxes, discarded material.
• Get rid of any standing water in yard.
• Fix any defective pipes or drains.

Poisons bait can be used along with trapping to increase capture and kill. There are some very good poisons available: Warfarin, Pival, Fumarin, Chlorophacinone, Bromadiolone and Cholecalciferol. Mice tend to nibble, so expect a longer period of time to get control of them with poison. Also, poison we use cause rodents to die in open air as the poison used suffocate the rodents and do not die in inaccessible areas.