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The wide range of Pest Control Services that are mentioned below can be executed either individually or in various combinations to cater your need effectively.
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Bedbugs control
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Bedbugs Control

Bed bugs enter the building through luggage, clothes, or any other item that contains bed bugs. Bed Bugs multiply very fast and they are difficult to eliminate as they hide in mattresses, pillows, or any dark places likes cracks in furnitures and crevices in the wall. To prevent bed bug infestation you need to do housekeeping and sanitation in railways, laundry, theatres, colleges, etc. The way is periodical treatment with pesticides. We provide effective bed bugs control services to suit the exact requirements of the clients.

We offer chemical spray for the immediate control of the bed bugs in the areas like bedrooms and other rooms of the house. At least two services are required to eradicate the problem.

Our treatment of bed bugs includes thorough inspection of the premises, spraying insecticides in both oil base and water base forms. These chemicals are prepared to be sprayed on bedding material, mattress, and pillows. During the treatment other insects like lizards, cockroaches, ants & spiders are also eradicated. We not only provide Pest Control Services to corporate buildings like hotels, offices, colleges, theatres, etc. but also have customized packages for residential spaces.

Different Signs of Bed Bug infestation are as follows:

Infested area or hiding places characteristically marked by dark spotting and staining, which are the dried excreta of the bugs. The presence of eggs and eggshells, molted skins of nymphs and the bugs them selves.

• Rusty or reddish spot of blood on bed sheets, mattresses and walls.
• Heavy infestation may have a musty or buggy smell.
• Biting evidence to customers, bite cause swelling.